Polkadot and Substrate Validators Services

We offer validation services for startups, testnets. We are a group of Italian indipendent IT enthusiasts who dedicate themselves with professionalism and code of good conduct to participate in the security of P2P networks.

Networks: Polkadot Kusama Chainx Edgeware Katal Plasm Kulupu Acala

RealgarRealgar Polkadot.pro Twitter

systems engineer, follows the open source universe focusing on blockchain and related services, always follows with interest the PoS systems from Bitshare via Lisk, Tezos, Eos. He has been following Gavin Wood since 2015 with great interest.

Networks: Kusama, ChainX


in the crypto-coin scene like enthusiast and miner, from 6 years. I started with PoW minining, I made a small GPU/ASIC mining farm, and actually running some FPGA devices. Now minining mainly PoS coins. Last, and not least I am a bit skilled in server maintenance, on GNU/Linux and Windows os, with some coding experience in vb.net, C#, C++, PHP, Python, ObjectiveC++

Networks: Kusama, ChainX

Web: Redpenguin - redpenguin.polkadot.pro


Anamix is a team that has been passionate about the crypto world since the end of 2015 with experiences in the POW mining of ethereum. Since 2016 as members of the dpos community he has been delegated in the main projects (LISK, ARK, SHIFT). We are following and participating in Polkadot blockchain networks such as Chainx, Kusama, Polkadot because we believe in the potential of this new open-source protocol.


Polkadot early Investor

Networks: Kusama

Ondin Ondin

Safety combined with the best performances have been our goal for years in this particular sector . Enthusiastic and professional approach is what made ONDIN validator and delegate in several crypto projects we believe may have high potential.

Networks: Kusama, Plasm


Crypto Enthusiast since 2015, investor, validator, algorithmic trader. Web: AzimutProject.net Projects: AzimutProject.net

Networks: ChainX, Kusama, REN

PolkaItlayPolkaItaly PolkaItaly Twitter

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies enthusiast since 2015 with experience in mining and forging. Cyber security, hardware and software technician since 1985

Projects: ChainX Notifier Bot

Networks: ChainX

Web: PolkaItaly

LuckyveLuckyve Luckyve Twitter

Community Manager and Sysop

Networks: ChainX

Melea (coming soon)


Russian/Brazilian validator with the belief that honest behavior should be rewarded. As it happens in the crypto world, unlike ordinary life, where deception leads to earnings. I want the little validators to also have a place in the industry.

Networks: Kusama, Plasm

Web: cp287

Telegram: cp287 Ламповый форум о блокчейне и криптовалютах на русском.


high skilled js coder, with long experience in PoS mining, managed to write code for developers tools in various crypto-currencies. Love cooking and tesla