Declaration of intent

Polkadot Pro is a professional association of independent p2p Validators, which aims to enrich and grow its knowledge in the field of cryptographic validation. Polkadot pro members can or cannot join the initiatives undertaken by polkadot pro, without any risk of punishment or limitation. Membership in the association occurs spontaneously, and acceptance of new members occurs collegially. Currently the association does not have a statute, and is comparable to a club, open to all. Anyone can participate and contribute, no monetary contribution is required, and no barrier is placed. Validation is a quality review process that confirms your skills and the ability to maintain a system of validator nodes, which tends as much as possible and constantly to produce valid assessment judgments, in terms of good conduct. A valid evaluation judgment is that which confirms that a validator possesses all the knowledge and skills described in a training process. Validation activities are generally conducted at the end of the evaluation, the evaluation is carried out collectively by all the members participating in the process. Polkadot Pro does not aim to be a certification body.