Polkadot and Substrate Validators Services

We offer validation services for startups, testnets. We are a group of Italian and International indipendent IT enthusiasts who dedicate themselves with professionalism and code of good conduct to participate in the security of P2P networks.

Polkadot Pro APIs

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Off-Chain Phragmen

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Realgar Realgar

systems engineer, follows the open source universe focusing on blockchain and related services, always follows with interest the PoS systems from Bitshare via Lisk, Tezos, Eos. He has been following Gavin Wood since 2015 with great interest.


Polkadot Kusama

R3dpenguin R3dpenguin

in the crypto-coin scene like enthusiast and miner, from 6 years. I started with PoW minining, I made a small GPU/ASIC mining farm, and actually running some FPGA devices. Now minining mainly PoS coins, Loving in particular NPoS and running validators in the polkadot ecosystem. Last, and not least I am a bit skilled in server maintenance, on GNU/Linux and Windows os, with some coding experience in vb.net, C#, C++, PHP, Python, ObjectiveC++

Web: https://redpenguin.xyz


Polkadot, Kusama, ChainX, Plasm, Dusty, Edgeware, Kulupu

cp0x.com cp0x.com

Russian/Brazilian validator with the belief that honest behavior should be rewarded. As it happens in the crypto world, unlike ordinary life, where deception leads to earnings. I want the little validators to also have a place in the industry.


Kusama, Polkadot, Plasm, Plasm Dusty, Solana, REN

Ondin Ondin

Safety combined with the best performances have been our goal for years in this particular sector. The enthusiastic and professional approach is what allowed Ondin to become validator and delegate in important cryptographic projects, which we believe may have high potential.


Polkadot, Kusama, Plasm, Phala, Kulupu.


Crypto enthusiast since 2015, investor, validator, trader, staker, DeFi addicted.

Web: www.AzimutProject.net


PolkaDot 14j3azi9gKGx2de7ADL3dkzZXFzTTUy1t3RND21PymHRXRp6

Kusama EonK7NScfhd7ZRfgnLhm4cKRFJWK1z59zPximUZRg8VjHQj

ChainX, Keep Network, REN Protocol

dakk(k) dakk(k)

Italian experienced software developer, opensource developer, crypto fanatic since 2012. Founder of helperbit.com and ethereumwisdom.com, listed on Forbes 100 Under 30 Italia 2019, delegate on Lisk, Kusama, Polkadot and Tezos.


Polkadot, Kusama

Cosmoon Cosmoon

Gregorst (COSMOON) is a young crypto enthusiast , started in 2015 by mining the first ethereum blocks. Then besides pow, he has been part of dpos communities, gaining day by day more knowledges, learned the basic of primary languages codes as c++, Python. Daily following Polkadot and related projects (Kusama, Plasm, ChainX) with the COSMOON project Currently part time job as system engineer




ilgio ilgio

I am a graphic designer and offers hardware and software support. He boasts experience in cryptocurrencies and system engineering related to Linux, Windows, Mac, AS400; developing on HTML5, CSS3, JS, AJAX, Python, PHP, MySQL.


Polkadot, Kusama, Kulupu, ChainX, Phala

Proud Validator and Investor Proud Validator and Investor

The best validator


Polkadot Kusama


Anamix is a team that has been passionate about the crypto world since the end of 2015 with experiences in the POW mining of ethereum. Since 2016 as members of the dpos community he has been delegated in the main projects (LISK, ARK, SHIFT). We are following and participating in Polkadot blockchain networks such as Chainx, Kusama, Polkadot because we believe in the potential of this new open-source protocol.

Web: https://anamix.top


Polkadot, Kusama, ChainX, Kulupu

GoldenEye GoldenEye

A german software developer, active in crypto space since 2013.
I'm using a secure and stable 4 nodes setup, consisting of two validators and two sentries each.


  1. Validator GoldenEye/GE2
  2. Validator GoldenEye

  1. Validator GoldenEye
  2. Validator GoldenEye/GE2

luckyve luckyve

Crypto and blockchain enthusiast since 2014, investor, validator, trader, staker.


Polkadot, Kusama, ChainX, Plasm,Plasm Dusty, Edgeware, Darwinia Crab

Sio34 Sio34

Electronics and communications expert. Investor, trader and delegate in many dpos projects since 2016.





Validator from Germany with experience since 2013 in PoW, PoI, PoS, DPoS and NPoS.

Started in 2013 building a private mining rig to mine different PoW-altcoins. Then switched to the project NXT, being a forum moderator and ran one of the first PoS pools. From 2014 to 2016 moved to NEM and learned about the Proof of Importance consensus by running nodes. Since 2016 very active at Lisk, running nodes from the first day for Betanet, Testnet and Mainnet. Beside this, I've good experience in running nodes at other DPoS-projects.


Polkadot 153RzmMmQ2ueHgD71nRcfcs96VKhFRPYkW2h1qw18Bn1Jkrv

Kusama J75Bj4JkQ1oZ5Y2UCtLBq8FFHDdnrfTQgDGErvk9kyS1wMn

lucapoggi lucapoggi

I'm 26 years old and I'm a mechanical enginner specialized in welding coordination activities. I bough my first crypto coin (BTC) in summer of 2014. During these years I get involved in all things that crypto offered (mining, ICOs, IEOs, DeFi, trading, etc.), in particular as algo-trader (arbitrage bot) and smartcontract. I think that cryptos need new fresh air: Polkadot and its parachains are a good opportunity. My other hobbies are drones, RC Planes, make giant disco's tables, watches and cabrios :P (I like to have fun) For any info please contact me on Telegram (@Poggi_Luca).

Developer of PolkadotPro_bot

Author of Polkadot.pro Nominators Guide


Polkadot, Kusama, Plasm, Dusty, ChainX (as Council member since 02/2020)

Prematurata Prematurata

A highly skilled JS developer involved in several crypto projects and Polka as well :)


Polkadot Kusama

hirish hirish

A software enginer, full stack developer involved in the crypto-space since 2012.


Polkadot: 1627VVB5gtHiseCV8ZdffF7P3bWrLMkU92Q6u3LsG8tGuB63

Kusama: Eg19soJDW6GM387LPtrszyeQ93nuUZiGdUsbJbKqekKAPab

Total dots bonded with Polkadot.pro Team : 14 411 600,00

Total Ksms bonded with Polkadot.pro Team : 103538