Polkadot.pro telegram bot

Our Bot

We are proud to annunce the official Polkadot.Pro Telegram bot: @PolkadotPro_bot
It can provide you validators stats (rank, total backing, total nominators, own backing).
Will be added other useful commands for every substrate chain!
Please search @PolkadotPro_bot on Telegram and feel free to test it and use it as your convenience.

Developer: @Poggi_Luca (Polkadot.Pro - lucapoggi)

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How to use our bot

Full command list
Validator Stats (based on Offline Phragmen)
/v_stats_addr <chain code> <validator address (or first 8 address characters)>
chain code:
DOT --> Polkadot
KSM --> Kusama
/v_stats_addr DOT 16aXLhFh